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  • Is there parking at the The Roper Theatre?
    There is very minimal parking at the Roper Theatre, as it is in a residential area, and B&NES council have recently added restrictions even on Sundays. There is a small amount of parking available and we would like to reserve that for those people that express that they need a place because of mobility issues. You can ask to reserve one of these spaces when you buy your ticket online. There is street parking a few streets up the hill - but again, be warned, there are lots of restrictions, even on Sundays. So try the alternatives: It's a 6 minute walk from Oldfield Park train station It's an 18 minute walk from Bath Spa Railway and Bus Station Catch the number 4 Bath City Bus, and a short 5 minute walk Catch the U2 Unibus from the back of the station, and then a 3 minute walk Share a taxi from the station Use the City Park and Ride, and then catch the number 4 Hire a scooter from the centre of Bath Get someone to drop you off and pick up
  • I don't really sing and never joined a choir - can I still come along?
    YES YES YES! This event is absolutely for you. Look at the green coloured workshops as these are designed for all ages and all abilities and will get you singing in the choir in an instant! You will also meet other choir members and find out about all the different styles of choirs that are in the Bath & Bristol area - there really are so many. Bring a friend!
  • Can my choir perform on the day?
    There will be 7 slots for choirs to perform - about 10 minutes each. Currently all these slots are taken.
  • When do the Early Bird tickets go on sale?
    We hope to release the Early Bird tickets in the middle of June. They will be on sale until the end of July, giving you and your choir plenty of time to decide which workshops you would like to attend. However, places will be tight - so get booking quickly. There are well over 2500 choir members in Bath alone - and there are only about 250 places in the workshops!
  • It's a whole day. Is there food and drink available?
    During the day there will be coffee and tea available, plus other soft drinks and snacks. There is a water fountain available - so please bring your own water bottle and refill throughout the day. Bring your own mug for your tea and coffee and save on waste! Please bring a packed lunch so you can listen to the performing choirs, or step outside on the terrace for some fresh air and a great view of Bath.
  • What do I need to bring on the day?
    Please bring: Your tickets (printed or on your phone) A bottle of water (there is a water fountain to refill your bottle) Money for lunch/tea/coffee - or your own packed lunch A friend who has not sung in choir before - this really is the day to experiement! Check with your workshop details whether you need to bring/buy any music for that particular workshop. All green workshops do not require you to bring anything other than yourself and a smile.
  • I don't live in Bath - can I come along?
    Although most of the choir leaders are based in Bath, the day is about experiencing different styles of choir - so although there are lots of links on the website to various choirs in the Bath area, there will be no one trying to "make you join a choir". Come along, experiment, sing. Simple.
  • When do I book my selection of workshops?
    When you purchase your ticket(s) for the day, you will then be asked questions for each ticket holder. The questions will include: Your name Your voice type (don't worry if you don't know - there is a"don't know" box) Your choice of 4 workshops Any further accessibility needs When you have paid for your tickets, you will be sent your tickets in an email and on the tickets it will remind you of the workshops that you have chosen.
  • Which workshops should I choose?
    If you are new to singing/choir or just like singing for fun and not a music reader - choose the Green workshops. They are designed for everyone - including proficient singers - but there is no sheet music involved, it's all taught by ear, so everyone can join in. If you already attend a choir that is led by one of the Workshop leaders, we would encourage you to try out someone else! It's very likely you will already know many of the jokes, warm ups, tips and tricks of this person - so it would be a good opportunity to try someone else's workshop. Choir leaders will not be offended and actively encourage this. You can meet up with all the choir leaders in the breaks.
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